January 7th, 2012 by The Rating King

3D TV or Movie Viewing

You’ve all seen the newest and latest technology 3D TV’s coming out on the market. In the few pass years the hype was about the flat panel TV’s whether LCD or Plasma or LED. Why hasn’t the new tech on TV’s 3D taken a hold in the market? I’ll start with 3D movies, when going to see a movie in this format the feel was very cumbersome and cost to much money. Especially for the glasses that you had to purchase that you would throw away after using. Average ticket and 3D glasses price is $16 -$18 dollars per person and growing every year.

The only movie that look good and when I say ‘good’ I mean really good in the past few years was Avatar. And it seem that after its success financially, all other action different genre movies were trying to jump on the bandwagon to make a dollar. So you would see average movies using the technology and running it into the ground. For a time I really disliked going to see movies, because all the adventure movies tried to retro fit the movies. Meaning the movie would be cut and they would go back and try to make it look 3D. Yuk!

So as this starts happing the tech companies think this is the new technology to invest and try to develop, thinking the movie business is benefiting we should also jump on the bandwagon.

My opinion is that looking at 3D is not natural so to have it as a TV at home it’s more of a novelty at this point. Judging by the movies like Avatar there is a market for this technology. But if movie companies or tech companies are in it just for the money as oppose for the art that’s when the consumer loses. To make this product more sellable you have to first make it not seen or branded as a novelty product. The movie companies have to make more good quality 3D products. Now I hear that the new movies ‘The Hobbit’ with Peter Jackson producing and ‘Prometheus’ with Ridely Scott directing are staying true. We shall see, soon.

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